Winter Car Care

Simple Top Ten Winter Car Maintenance Tips


1 )  Buy some decent screenwash , Dont be a scaff , We are all guilty of buying screenwash from the poundshop at some point in our lives.We advise you buy a concentrated winter screenwash because as it says its for winter and wont freeze like a rock , You will find that it doesnt work out much more money when you dilute it yourself i use a old 2 litre coke bottle to mix mine.

2) Use antifreeze with the right temperature tolerance,here in the UK the temperature is quite kind to us and rarely drops below – 6 most (Just rains instead) antifreeze can cope with this but if you are outside the UK you should check the bottle to your weather conditions .

3 ) Buy a ice scraper , for god sake man the other day i see someone using his bank card to scrape the window screen what is wrong with people , There less than a pound in most shops.Alternatively use some de-icer but a can dont go far so i reccommend a ice scraper.

4) Its winter your windows are frozen, Chuck some boiling water on them to melt the ice……… wait that is a terrible terrible idea,If you do the glass will crack.

5) Keep therm tires pumped up for every 10-degree drop in temperature, your tires lose one psi of air so worth checking the pressure.

6 ) Its horrible when its cold,wet and miserable the last thing you want do do is clean your car,Unfortuantely the salt,grit and winter muck needs shifting or it can harm your cars paintwork , If you dont want to do it yourself take it to a handwash at least once a month.

7) Check the oil level, Your car needs oil to function properly the components in the engine need lube and the cold us not your cars best friend , Just check levels and top up if needed.

8 ) Not maintenance related but important , Always have a blanket and some basic tools with you if you break down you could be stranded and need to keep warm if you are mechanically minded you maybe able to fix small problems.

9) Make sure you have plenty of tred on them tyres , In the winter you need the grip on the tyres more than ever check the tyres have some tread left on them.

10) If its snowing drive in a high gear , A low speed use the gears to slow the car and try to avoid pressing the brakes as much as possible to avoid skid risks