Snow Foam Or Car Shampoo ?

In our opinion both products are needed for the perfect wash,Snow Foam is a powerful pre wash agent its primary goal is to soften the dirt on the vehicle ready for shampooing.This is a vital step to avoid smearing scratches over the bodywork and wheels.


These particles are jagged and the worse thing you can do is smear these about with a sponge or , with the wretched brushes you can buy (do not use these they are a tragedy for your paintwork.)


Snow foam can clean a car on its own but we have found it is not strong enough for the winter washing when vehicles are at there worst,But in the summer months when the vehicle is not to bad Snow Foam does a good job.


In Conclusion


From our experience we think Snow Foam for the summer months,Snow Foam and shampoo for the winter months



Wheel Cleaning Made Easy



We always use our simple yet effective method to clean car alloy wheels,We always rinse the vehicle down first either with a effective prewash or Snow Foam,Once rinsed we recommend using a Iron Fall-Out Remover because these are a strong yet wheel friendly product.


Simply spray the wheels with the product and leave to dwell for a few minutes,Then get a soft brush even a toothbrush and just agitate the product (Some Fall-Out removers go purple this is normal.)


Once agitated simply blast with the jet washer (Always stand approximately 1 metre away.) Dry with a soft microfibre cloth,Apply some wheel wax and tyre dressing and  you will have clean wheels amongst the best on the road.


Iron-Fallout-Remover removes the toughest stains and can make old tired wheels look much younger we highly recommend the Glimmermann Iron-Fallout-Remover this is beause it can be diuted so a 500ml bottle can make 5 litres at a low £9.99 price this is not to be missed (yes we do use it ourselves).